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Bio-Ionic Straightening

The Definition of an Ion

Ions are atoms that have gained or lost an electron and bear change of energy. Positive ions have lost an electron and are considered unhealthy. They are found in dust, smoke and other toxic substances. Negative ions have gained an electron and greatly assist in a body's mood, energy level and overall health.


How does it work?

Bio Ionic haircare products contain NanoIonic Complex (a blend of 32 natural-occuring minerals) that emits Natural Negative Ions in to the hair. Natural Negative Ion energy is powerful enough to break down clusters of water molecules into fine particles that penetrate the hair shaft, to re-hydrate, re-condition and restore moisture balance. After using the Bio Ionic product system, hair feels smooth, super-soft and looks silky shiny.


Step 1

Natural negative ions break down water clusters into tiny water molecules.


Step 2

Micronized water molecules penetrate hair deeper and faster for extreme hydration. Far infrared energy smoothes hair from inside out.


Step 3

Hair is left hydrated, smooth, and shiny.

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